Taste of Slow Food Berkshire and Wiltshire Cheese and Flour Box


Cheese and Flour box for Online event:

A taste of Slow Food Berkshire and Wiltshire – Thurs 4th Feb 7pm

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Your Cheese and Flour Tasting Box will contain Wiltshire Loaf, Brinkworth Blue, Avebury cheese, and a bag of Einkorn flour.

  • You will be sent your cheese/flour in advance, and are encouraged to bake with the flour before the event (Biscuits? Bread? Whatever you wish).
  • On  the evening, Ceri Cryer of Brinkworth Dairy will give us a guided tasting of her cheese – accompanied by your home baked goodies, followed by a film about Einkorn being harvested, a Q&A about this Ark product with Michael Marriage who farms the Einkorn, and a discussion about cooking with the flour, led by Clare Marriage, of Doves Farm and Chair of Slow Food Berks and Wilts.

We have limited stocks, so please order now for The Slow Food Event. Your order deadline is Monday 1st February. It’s really helpful if you can place your order early!


  • The price includes a £5 donation to Slow Food.
  • Einkorn Flour 1kg. Einkorn is an Ark of Taste grain, grown by Doves Farm in Berkshire. This is an ancient grain; stoneground and delicious for baking.
  • Wiltshire Loaf 250g– this is one of our most popular cheeses. This forgotten cheese was last popular back in the 19th century when it was a home-made favourite. It was even mentioned in Jane Austen’s 1815 novel, ‘Emma’, in which the social-climbing Mr Elton serves it to impress his guests. Sadly, production of this delicious cheese stopped during World War 2, when the Ministry of Food ruled that, to help prevent food wastage, all cheese-makers should cease production of their individual creations and instead produce one single ‘national cheese’, similar to a mild cheddar. The Wiltshire Loaf was nearly lost to history, but in 2005, I tracked down the old recipe that my great grandfather would have once used and we began making it once more! It’s uniquely hard, creamy and crumbly, with a medium strength, both sweet and sharp. My Wiltshire Loaf has proven to be just as popular in the 21st century as it was back in the 19th century, winning prizes at both the British Cheese Awards and the International Cheese Awards.
  • Brinkworth Blue 250g- a soft creamy blue cheese with medium strength and a sweet and delicious flavour. This won the 2016 Taste of the West Champion Cheese.
  • Avebury 200g– our newest cheese, launched earlier this year. Avebury is a soft white cheese, a bit like a Brie. It has a white exterior with a soft, springy body. It’s oozy soft at the edges, but smooth in the middle. Or – depending on stock levels – Royal Bassett Blue 200g – a medium strong soft mould ripened cheese. It has as attractively coloured rind with hint of blue, yellow and greys, while the centre is crisp, white and springy with a rich piquant taste. Creamy and light, the longer you leave it, the more spreadable it becomes. Judges at the taste of the West Awards describes it’s ooziness as ‘sexy’! What more could you ask for!
  • Closer to the event, we will pack your delicious goodies in a recyclable Brinkworth Dairy box packed with innovative Woolcool (sheep’s wool technology which is biodegradable, recyclable, compostable and naturally sustainable) and ice-packs which keeps your goodies perfectly cool and fresh until they reach you. They will then be couriered straight to you for next day delivery.

About Slow Food

Slow Food is a global, grassroots movement with thousands of members around the world that links the pleasure of food with a commitment to community and the environment. It was founded in 1989 in Italy. It’s a not–for–profit organisation seeking to promote a better way to eat, celebrating the rich food traditions of the different nations that make up the UK, and protecting our edible biodiversity. Slow Food engages members of the public, food producers, chefs, businesses, academics and a global network, spreading and enacting their philosophies internationally and locally.

About Doves Farm

As farmers and millers since 1978, Doves Farm care about how their grains are grown.  They believe in growing grains slowly and tenderly and how they make our flour really matters to them– the ingredients, the flavour, the provenance and the effect on our planet. But for them it’s also essential to choose the right grain for the job. So, whether you’re making bread, cakes or scones, they’ve considered everything from the grain they select to the way it’s milled, all to give you the best results in your baking.

*In unforeseen circumstances where our chosen cheese and accompaniments are unavailable we will substitute with something equally pleasing.


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