The Chapel Quarter Cheese Case


Wow! Nearly 2kg of cheese – look no further for a large celebration or a truly indulgent gift.



We have named this case Chapel Quarter after our largest field on the farm. It is full of archaeological interest with Roman remains and also thought to be the site of the as yet undiscovered Dauntsey Chapel. With nearly 2kg of cheese this will feed a large number or people – or a smaller number of people over a longer period of time! It will arrive in an attractive Brinkworth Dairy box and kept cool with the very clever Woolcool sheep’s wool technology.  A cheese hamper for a special occasion or surprise someone with this fabulous cheese gift.

Enjoy alongside our tasting notes to get the most of your cheese experience. These also have suggestions of what to pair these cheese with.

In your Chapel Quarter Cheese Hamper you will find:

Avebury 200g – our soft, mould ripened oozy cheese

Brinkworth Blue 500g – and extra large slice of our award winning crumbly blue

Wiltshire Loaf 500g – an extra large slice of our historic hard cheese famous for its heritage and award winning flavour

Gallipot Eyes 250g – more Wiltshire history tied up in this cheese! A firm cheese matured for up to a year

Royal Bassett Blue 200g – our stunning soft blue, buttery and indulgent

Garlic & Pepper Soft Cheese 150g – fresh curd cream cheese rolled in garlic and pepper seasoning

Somerset Charcuterie Lonza 60g – made from whole loin of outdoor reared pork, flavoured toasted telicherry pepper and juniper berries before air-drying for 4 weeks

Somerset Charcuterie Somerset Cider Chorizo with smoked paprika 60g – slight heat from chilli, sweetness from the cider all lightly smoked. Delicious!

Damsel Charcoal wafers – firm and crisp crackers, perfect, we feel, for loading up with cheese

Damsel Buttermilk Wafers 125g – another fabulous cracker flavour to enjoy

Snowdonia Fig & Apple Chutney 114g – a stunning little chutney to bring out those cheese flavours

Snowdonia Pear, Date and Cognac Chutney 114g – rich and fruity flavours

Ordering for a specific occasion?

To ensure your cheeses are perfect for Christmas, order now, and in the notes, specify that you would like delivery between the 18th and 23rd December.

It’s really helpful if you can place your order early!

*In unforeseen circumstances where our chosen accompaniments are unavailable we will substitute with something equally pleasing.


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