Our milkround

We provide local deliveries for milk and other produce
Our milk is just £1.30/litre. It is all pasteurised (so safe for everybody). We do whole, semi-skimmed and skimmed in 1 litre glass bottles. The milk keeps for 8 days unopened and 3 days opened, it can also be frozen if you decant it into plastic bottles. We bottle the milk on the farm quickly after the cow is milked. This means that compared to other mass produced milk, our milk is fresher and only needs to be delivered once a week. Please rinse and leave out your empty glass bottles for us to collect.

We can also deliver other produce that we make on the farm at the same time. We currently deliver to locations including Upper Minety, Minety, Brinkworth, Grittenham, Dauntsey, Dauntsey Lock, Upper Seagry, Lea, Pink Lane, Cleverton, The Somerfords, Sir Bernard Lovell Road, Corston and Malmesbury. If you are not in this area, then we could look at extending our milkround for your location (especially if you think your neighbours might be interested).

We will deliver your order weekly. All customers that are located to the South and West of the Dairy will receive deliveries on Thursday afternoon (this includes locations such as Brooklands, Grittenham, Dauntsey, Somerford, Seagry and Malmesbury). All customers located to North and East of the Dairy will receive deliveries on Thursday afternoon or evening. Lea, West Brinkworth and Garsden will receive their produce on Friday evenings, If you need to change your order on a weekly basis please let us know before 5pm on Tuesday what you would like, otherwise we will continue to deliver the items your have requested on this form. Any orders made via our online shop order will be ready for collection or delivered to you on the Friday of the week the order was received.

If you are on our milkround, and would like to change your order, you can log in at https://brinkworthdairy.live.vpsxl2.bookingandticketingsystems.info.

If you are interested in our milkround please complete the following and we will be in contact:

Milkround - April 2020 New With Ice Cream
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For payment we will email you an invoice once a month and payment should be made by BACS


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What our clients say

By the way my wife informed me this morning that she liked your cheese especially the hard cheese. Since my wife loves her food I would take that as an endorsement.- Steve
Had the cheese this evening with big red apples and cream crackers loaded with butter and washed down by a nice German hock. Ab fab.- Chris
The cheese you let me have a couple of days ago was delicious - I ate most of it on the 1st day. Very well balanced flavour.- Liz

If you are on our milkround, and would like to change your order, you can log in at https://mds.bookingandticketingsystems.info/brinkworthdairy. Please contact me for a username and password if you do not have one.