Sustainability is our goal

We aim to be as sustainable in our products and practices as possible.

We both plant and preserve the hedges and trees on our farm.

Through having longer hedge cutting cycles we encourage the insect life that promotes the bird species. The hedges also provide the pollen and nectar which contribute to our farm honey.


Our locally sourced produce is produced by locally sourced people. Most of our team in the farm and factory can walk to work with everyone else living within 3 miles of the farm.


We are aiming to be waste-free.

We continue to investigate ways of producing environmentally sound packaging for our produce.

ANIMAL WELFARE Our cows form the Pedigree Brinkworth Herd. Our animals are much sought after owing to their carefully selected  breeding. Of particular note are the herds’ characteristics of having great longevity and excellent foot conformation. Sadly many cows in the industry suffer from lameness. Lame cows move reluctantly and therefore do not feed and produce well. Our cows, however, with their good feet are able to walk out to the fields eating and producing milk happily. We boast that we have had a daughter, mother, grandmother and great grandmother all in the milking herd at the same time. 

More About Us

Buying local, seasonal and environmentally friendly food

This benefits wildlife and the countryside, minimises the energy used in food production, transport and storage, in turn this helps protect the local economy. We have a relationship with Millets Organic Fruit Farm. Our bees pollinate their crops and they provide us with seasonal fruits for our yogurts.

Choosing Fairtrade products

The milk in our produce comes from our farm and we ensure that the milk is bought at a fair price. This in turn allows our traditional family farm to both invest in the environmental sustainability of the business and allows us to have high animal welfare standards.

Some Of Our Recent Product Reviews

Wow what a beautiful cheese with a Spanish Crianza red 2009. Best Blue I have ever had. Eat your hearts out Europe. Your cheese is a world beater. Thank you. A fantastic British product to be proud of. We will be buying some more for Christmas and recommending your cheese to friends and family.- Martin and Sue
I remember the mould being not too strong and the white cheese tasted like real Parmeggiano - superb. We scoffed the lot.- Nick
The blue is lovely and creamy, not too strong so just right for lunchtime eating. We both commented on the wrapping - simple and neat - displaying the cheeses and nothing else - great all round.- Jane
Your milk tastes wholesome and it’s even better as Chad made it!- Zoe