Wiltshire Loaf 
Wiltshire Loaf from Brinkworth Dairy wins "Best Territorial Cheese" at the British Cheese Awards 2013.

The cheese county was the low lying rich pasture to the North and West of Wiltshire. North Wiltshire Cheese was highly sought after in the 18th century.

With the coming of cheddar cheese the Bath and West Society supported a world wide campaign of instruction in making it. This, together with the coming of the railways, which could convey liquid milk to London, meant the disappearance of North Wiltshire Cheese.

Until now……A semi-hard cheese, smooth and creamy on the outside and crumbly in the centre.

 What our customers are saying:

"By the way my wife informed me this morning that she liked your cheese especially the hard cheese.Since my wife loves her food I would take that as an endorsement..." Steve

"Had the cheese this evening with big red apples and cream crackers loaded with butter and washed down by a nice German hock. Ab fab." Chris

"The cheese you let me have a couple of days ago was delicious - I ate most of it on the 1st day. Very well balanced flavour." Liz


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