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Thick and creamy live Wiltshire yogurt



Thick and creamy wholemilk natural yoghurt, choose from 10 of our delicious flavours.

Size: 500ml

Allergen Information: Contains Milk

2 reviews for Yoghurt

  1. Millie Monck

    EATEN IN ONE SITTING – So far I’ve only tried the gooseberry yoghurt but it was absolutely the best yoghurt I have ever tasted. I bought a large pot and tried to only eat 1/3 rd of it spooning it into a bowl. Well it kept calling from the fridge and so I had another 1/3rd in my bowl. Knowing their was 1/3rd left I just couldn’t resist it but instead of serving it up for the third time I just grabbed the container and licked it clean! It was amazing.

  2. J Sutton

    Completely agree with the last review. I bought a tub of the mango yoghurt today at West Hampstead Farmers market- wish I had bought 2. Currently fighting with my daughter over who gets the last few mouthfuls. Really superb yogurt, best we have tasted. Thank you, will be back for more.

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