Award Winning Garlic & Pepper Soft Cheese


Soft, fresh pasteurized vegetarian cheese. 150g in size. A soft, small, fine and elegant cheese.

It is ripened for just two to three days. Salt is applied to the surface of the cheese directly.

We think it looks very attractive with Garlic and Pepper on the outside. With black pepper, garlic, dill seed, coriander seed, red bell pepper and paprika.

Wiltshire Loaf




This cheese is a mild and creamy cheese with a mild
camomile and daisy flavour. The cheese its self is named after  the traditional Wiltshire cheese that William
Collingborn, founder of the Brinkworth pedigree Friesian herd would have made.
This was famous in the 18th Century.

Royal Basset Blue



This is a soft blue cheese with a blue, yellow, grey and white mushroomy rind. It has a creamy golden edge and a fresh milk, white, springy centre. So called because it is named after Wotton Bassett gaining its Royal status in the Jubilee year. 250g

Brinkworth Blue


A creamy blue cheese with hay, hummous and chestnut honey flavours. The name comes from our pedigree Friesian herd's name


£2/ 500ml


We make whole milk fresh, live yogurt. These deliciously thick and creamy bio-live yogurts have been carefully made using our own cows milk. We make our yogurts in batches using fresh milk and live cultures. 



The best butter you will ever taste. Can be frozen. Attractively wrapped in waxed paper. 200g.



Whole, Semi Skimmed or skimmed non-homogenised pasteurised fresh milk.

Fresh Cream


284ml of amazingly thick cream



Made the Italian way to allow the pure flavour of the ice cream to come through. Very dense so you are buying ice cream rather than air. 5litres, 2.5lires, 500ml, by the scoop. Vanilla, Strawberry, chocolate, white chocolate, coconut straciatella, mango and passionfruit, mint choc chip, honeycomb and caramel.

Standard Delivery Charge is £7

We can deliver produce to you for £7. Contact ceri@brinkworthdairy.co.uk with your address and what you would like. You can also place an order and arrange a time to collect it from the farm if you would like.



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