Fresh Butter Made "The Old Way"

Now, we don't like to boast, but many of our customers have commented on how our butter is the best they've ever tasted!

We make salted and unsalted to suit all tastes.

Chad is the wizard behind the butter. We use old fashioned techniques brought up to date to enable you to benefit from all the goodness of the fresh ingredients straight from the farm.

The butter is made entirely from our own cream, and then beautifully and simply wrapped in waxed paper, ready for you to enjoy.

See where you can buy our butter, or if you are local, sign up to the Brinkworth Dairy milk round to have fresh butter delivered directly to your door.


  Brinkworth Dairy is the trading name of C Cryer Ltd, Company Registration Number: 06529516, VAT Number: 929 2471 05.