Brinkworth Blue

This is a creamy blue cheese and my personal favourite. It is soft and quite sharp when young but mellows to have a deeper blue flavour as it matures.

And now an award winning, Bronze medallist at the British Cheese Awards.

 What our customers are saying

"Wow what a beautiful cheese with a Spanish Crianza red 2009. Best Blue I have ever had. Eat your hearts out Europe. Your cheese is a world beater. Thank you. A fantastic British product to be proud of. We will be buying some more for Christmas and recommending your cheese to friends and family. " Martin and Sue

"I remember the mould being not too strong and the white cheese tasted like real Parmeggiano - superb. We scoffed the lot." Nick

"The blue is lovely and creamy, not too strong so just right for lunchtime eating. We both commented on the wrapping - simple and neat - displaying the cheeses and nothing else - great all round" Jane

 Royal Bassett Blue

This is a medium strong soft mould ripened cheese. It is creamy and light and becomes spreadable as it matures.
 What our customers are saying

You said it had still to be given a name. All our family considered that it was the best cheese they had ever tasted.

Have you named it yet and where can we buy more? We all thought that it should be called Wiltshire Delight
." Brian


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